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I Finally Did Something, and I Want To Do More!

I updated my website and now I want to start creating again!

I finally decided to update my website a bit. I want to eventually turn this website into a bit of a portfolio archive/personal blog. While I haven’t been very active in terms of coding games, mods, or really much of anything, I really want to start doing more soon.

I’ve had some ideas for games and mods but I mainly stopped doing them because I felt they were too big or I just straight up wasn’t interested in them after a while. It sucks not really being motivated to do projects, but that is how things tend to go for me.

But, I do have an idea that, although may be just another big idea, I still want to attempt it. If I manage this right, it may actually be a really cool thing for me to show off both as a portfolio piece and something that people will enjoy!

A video still from the April Fools YouTube video made by HTML_Earth.

HTML_Earth on YouTube released an April Fools video this year of a Battle Royale mode, named No Mann’s Land, for Team Fortress 2. I don’t know if he meant to do this but I really want it to exist. So, I want to see if it’s possible to create a Battle Royale mode that works within the TF2 universe. It may not end up like his video, or really, any current Battle Royale out there (including CSGO’s Danger Zone), especially with the Source Engine being so old, but it may still have some ideas sprinkled in from the Battle Royale scene.

I want to make this idea a reality in the Source Engine in some way. Either making a full on mod using Source SDK 2013 (hopefully building from a Team Fortress 2 Base that someone has made/ported, although the base is constructed from the February 2008 TF2 code) or as a Garry’s Mod gamemode (while still being in the Source Engine, it’ll have a better time supporting more players). Honestly, it may be best to start off it being a Garry’s Mod gamemode and work my way from there.

Overall, I’m happy to be working on my website again and I seriously want to try and do something with coding. Whether it’s the Battle Royale idea I have or really any other game/mod idea, let’s see where this new chapter goes!

P.S. If you have any ideas on what should be in the Battle Royale mod/gamemode, let me know as a comment down below!

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