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Oops… I Did It Again.

It’s been a little bit since I published my first blog post on my redesigned website. In that post, I mentioned an idea for a mod project I wanted to make, a Team Fortress 2 Battle Royale game based on HTML_EARTH’s April Fools Video. I am no longer developing that project.

The biggest reason I have is that I went wayyyy too big with the idea I wanted to make. If I wanted to have a big Battle Royale game, I would have to work on networking code that I don’t have access to nor do I even want to touch networking code. I also didn’t want to make it into a Garry’s Mod gamemode (although that may be a possibility in the far future, if I still want to make the project).

However, this isn’t the end of me trying to create stuff! I am working on a Roblox game, more specifically a first person Deathmatch game. This game project will let me not only learn how to create and publish a Roblox game in full, but also let me learn some new tools (especially Rojo and roblox-ts). It’s an exciting time for me to learn! Look forward to more about the Deathmatch game project soon on both my twitter and here on my website!

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